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Nyotaimori information

Looking for a good Bachelor party?

If you are age of 18+ CLICK HERE for more reference

One last time for among boys to have fun with lady, Amsterdam is a popular destination for bachelor party because of image, Sex, blond, red-light district.

Do you really want to send your best friend for one last time as beat up sex place?
Would you like to make the best memory for your friends to compensate 15min sex in the small nasty, smelly and moist room?
Would you think he will be very happy about this in a long run? I think it will be rather shame such a thing.
NO, I Don’t Think So.

Much better & soft-landing solution is the Nyotaimori or Naked sushi in Amsterdam, it is perfect for bachelor party.
That’s it, exciting, tasteful, and clean memories, it is Naked sushi! or Nyotaimori in Japanese. We eat the best sushi from the naked body plate.

Super! it is all about Good Time!

-All project is a custom made therefore proposal fees are different but total cost usually end up around 850-1400 euro range based on group under 15 people.  Naked sushi session is intended for smaller group.
– if you are international client (outside of NL), approximately 70% of the proposal fee need to be transferred to my account beforehand as a deposit and needs to arrive to my account 10 days before. Rest will be the cash payment on the event day.

Optional items:
Fresh wasabi use : 45 euro (This is true wasabi root and it is highly recommended)
Very smooth sake: 45 euro (based on 720ml size) / Smooth sake: 35 euro (based on 720ml size)
Toro: It is based on 210 euro/kg and will be added on top of the regular sushi price. (depends on supply at the time)
Wagyu: It is based on 280 euro /kg and will be added on top of the regular sushi price. (depends on supply at the time)
-These items can be compensated with sushi catering cost. For ex, if you have too many sushi/person then you can add these items to reduce overall food cost.

Assistant needs:
If we need to arrange an assistant it will cost somewhere between 230-300 euro/assistant.
Final evaluation is through me, and will find out if we need one or not.

Possible excess hour cost:
In some cases, it can be long hours of operation, in that case it is subject for extra charge based on 120 euro/hour after 8hours of work/day. This will be assessed during the proposal, and we keep communicating each other.

Agreement material:
copy of ID or passport if you are non-European.
You need to sign for the agreement.

Touching/ non touching:
You can choose based on touching or non-touching.
Touching refer to upper body for touch or licking and excluded with under parts as well as no kissing to the mouth, and no biting anywhere.
Non touching refers to regular way to eat, it is by hand pick or using chopstick and not more than that.
Generally speaking non touching models has wider range of selections of models and it is cheaper than touching model.

-Beautiful European models, Asian, Latino, Africans, there are wide range of models available with different age group and size.
-Model will be presented nicely with sushi and flowers on her naked body. Under part will be decorate with flowers.
-First 2 models will be introduced free. Besides that, it will cost additional fee.
-The model is not prostitute and should be treated with respect.

-The location is arranged by client. I am a freelance sushi chef and do not have the sushi event location.
-Type of location needs to be in the private domain due to the privacy reason for the model.
-Please make sure they have a long table where model can lay down (about 2m long). If you can not arrange the proper size table, which is an additional cost of 40 euro.
-if you need a support of search of the location, additional fee apply.

All price listed here is ex vat (without sales tax), therefore VAT will be imposed based on dutch law.

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